The Sovereign Data Blockchain For AI

OpenLedger is the sovereign data blockchain for AI. By providing permissionless infrastructure for the data lifecycle, OpenLedger empowers builders to create smarter and more performant models with verifiable data.

What is OpenLedger ?

The Three Key Pillars of AI

Data for high-quality training, Computing Power for intensive calculations, and Algorithm for real-time predictions. Whether building your own models or applying foundation models, data is the biggest AI bottleneck. The best AI models are made possible only with the best data and the best data is sovereign data. OpenLedger provides permissionless and verifiable data-centric infrastructure that will catalyze the growth and development of AI.

A Decentralized & Permissionless Data Infrastructure!

AI Teams Can Now Utilize The Verified & Diverse Data Infra Of OpenLedger, So They Can Build Better & Improved Models!

OpenLedger Infrastructure
Infrastructure Powered by OpenLedger

White hat hackers, challenge our dev net

Sovereign data is


With OpenLedger, AI Can Now Depend On Verified & Diverse Data, So AI Becomes Censorship-Free, Fully Verifiable, & Risk-Mitigated!

Revolutionizing AI!

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